Can't get small quantity of Huber needles
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Where can I buy a small quantity of Huber needles? Most manufacturers only sell them in 100s or sell the full infusion kit.

But all I need is about 10, and all I require is the needle part. Ideas, please I've been googling for ages and can't come up with a solution
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instechlabs seems to sell them by the dozen.
posted by MonkeySaltedNuts at 9:40 AM on September 12, 2006

Thanks a million, MonkeySaltedNuts but since they're designed for animals they are clean but not sterile. I need them for humans, so can't take that chance.
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I can't imagine someone selling needles which are not sterile because they are for animal use. Their PDF says:
The basic Instech Solomon Huber needle features a female luer for direct attachment to a syringe. They are available sterile in packs of twelve.
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Yep, they are indeed sterile, so thanks for pointing that out, but because they are designed for animals they are only 3/4inch long which again is not suitable for humans.
Since very little animal testing is done on large animals the needle lengths are too short. You've been so patient, thank you!
I managed to contact a potential supplier in Miami but they've just e-mailed to say they discontinued the line.....
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