Why Kieron Jackson?
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Why do I get so much spam addressed to "Kieron Jackson"?

I have Googled and Snoped. It's mostly prescription spam, but also mortgages and loans. I am not asking how to filter it, that's not the issue. Almost all my spam gets filtered, but it's amazing how much of it is "attention Kieron Jackson." Is it some of kind of spammer's trick? Does anyone else get this? (Oh, and sorry to prevent a good joke response, but, no my name is not Kieron Jackson.)
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I do not get the Kieron Jackson spam, but over 70% of the spam I get is addressed to Steve Ford. My name is not Steve Ford. Not even close. I own a Ford, but c'mon.

I am very curious as to the answer myself. Thank you for asking.
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It's because, sometime back, an unethical person got your email address, and didn't have your name. So he made up a name, and sold the address/name pairing to one or more spammers.

Spammers share lists, so now everyone in the world thinks there's a "Kieron Jackson" at your email address.

It's actually very convenient, because it gives you a near-perfect filter term for your anti-spam system.
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(Interesting. So if Malor's right, the culprit is a doubly unethical person. He sold you out to the spammers, and he sold the spammers bad information.)
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Spammers just put %FIRST_NAME %LAST_NAME into emails to try to bypass filters. It's nothing personal, they're just populating variables from lists of potential first names and last names.

I got those variables from some spam software that didn't do its job - the spammer never bothered to fill them in.
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Michael Rinehart, for me. Lots, from different senders.
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i think it's because spam transcends the boundaries of alternate universes (universi?), and i suspect your name in one such alternate universe is Kieron Jackson...the first thing i would do is ask my mom if she ever dated or almost made out with a Jackson boy...
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Brittany Zella for me. Always wondered about that. Great Question.
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Antonio Irizarry for me.
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