Standalone shopping cart with Amazon-like referral system?
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Anyone know a shopping cart with an referral system?

I'm building a website with an online store for a publishing company and they'd like to be able to offer some sort of referral compensation (a small percentage of a referred sale) to people who refer buying customers.

Amazon has this kind of system. You sign up with amazon, and embed your secret ID number in an amazon url for an item. If people click on the link and buy the item, you get a small percentage of that sale. When your total of referral payments gets above some arbitrary amount (like $20, for instance), you can have a check cut to you, or get a gift certificate for the store.

I'm currently interested in using ZenCart, but I don't know if they have this type of thing available, or if there's a plug-in.

Perhaps there are other meta-websites that would allow me to add this kind of service on top of an existing shopping-cart site?

Is there some obvious solution that I'm oblivious to?
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OsCommerce has several affilliate marketing contributions, fwiw.
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