Differences between Final Cut Pro and Express?
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What are the key feature differences between Final Cut Pro HD and Final Cut Express HD?
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Here's a short comparison.
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Best answer: http://www.apple.com/finalcut/
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A couple major things.

No keyframing of filters/motion tab.
No batch capture/recapture.
Soundtrack + Livetype are earlier (more basic) versions
No multicam

Sure there are other things (like different compression formats)...

But the apple document is wrong too.
"No Pro Training"

There's absolutely is both a 2 day certified training class and exam
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What do you need it for?

Also, the batch features are a big deal for me. Batch capture is an absolute must for anyone editing a project. If you are just cutting home videos or something, people just bring the entire tape in. But with projects, logging stuff is very very important.

Dynamic Render is new in FCP 5 but I am absolutely loving it. Don't know what I did before without it.
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