Going to Orlando, Florida when UFC 63 is on, Where can I watch it?
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Going to Orlando, Florida when UFC 63 is on, Where can I watch it?

I dont know much about PPV in the states, Im going to Orlando when it is on. The hotel doesnt do any Pay Per View events. Is their any where in the Orlando area where I can watch the event? I'll be near international drive.

Is there any bars that will show it?

Thank you
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There's a place called Friday's Front Row Sports Bar on International Drive that shows many different kinds of sporting; you might call there.

A chain of Restaurants called Smokey Bones BBQ constantly advertises pay-per-view events, so definitely check with them. I don't know which location is nearest International Drive, but I'm sure Google Local could tell you.

If the event is tied to ESPN at all (sorry, I know *nothing* about sports, but I'm from Orlando so I thought I'd try to help) you might try the ESPN Club at Disney World.
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They should be showing it at Old Germany restaurant in Winter Park. They usually get all the UFC matches. Good beer selection and decent younger crowd for UFC stuff. Usually lots of Full Sail students.
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I don't know from Florida but here's a list of bars that showed UFC 61 and would be worth calling about UFC 63.
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