Have American immigrants in Israel formed a distinct community there?
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Have American immigrants to Israel formed a distinct community there in the way Moroccans and Russians have?

I ask this question because a young lawyer in my old temp job recently emigrated to Israel and I was just curious about the lives of American immigrants in that country. Do they have particular neighborhoods or cities where they congregate? Are there particular political parties that they support to advance their interests? Are there restaurants serving old-country food? What role do they play in Israeli politics and culture?

Or do they prefer not to band together as a community?

Just curious.
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Best answer: Just a suggestion. Tune in to Arutz Sheva radio. Most any show will do -- but maybe something like 'The Aliyah Revolution' -- you can email them this question and they'll go into it in great detail.

Frankly, I'd love to hear Simcha's on-air answer myself.
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Best answer: The english-speaking community are known as 'anglos.' You'll have more luck searching for that word: an article from today's Ha'aretz, for instance.
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Best answer: Yes, the "anglos" usually settle in one of a couple of Americanized communities. Examples are Raanana, Ramat Beit Shemesh, various communities in Jerusalem to name a few.
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Best answer: Raanana is also a stronghold for South African's who make Aliyah.
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Response by poster: OK. There's a lot here I can use here. The "anglo" keyword has been particularly helpful with Professor Google.

Thanks, guys! I appreciate it!
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And like the Mexicans have here?
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