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Studiometry questions: I've been trying this program out for a few days and it seems ok, but the support for it just doesn't seem to exist, so I have some questions about how to do some things.

Yes, I've tried emailing and opening a trouble ticket. However they don't really seem to be needing my business. They closed the trouble ticket without even responding to me. So I pose to you guys:

1. How do you delete a client / project completely out of the system?

2. How do you set up multiple companies? Can you set up multiple companies? (I've found that I can do this if I use different XP user accounts, but I'd rather use just one logging for my machine.)

I'd really like to get this software, it seems to have what I need / want, but I need to be able to do these things. Any feedback on the support that you have gotten in the past would be helpful as well. I don't feel very comfortable with a totally unresponsive developer for a product like this.
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Response by poster: I've figured out how to remove projects / clients. It's not in the user manual anywhere, but is probably obvious for anyone who uses a Mac (I do not.)

So for those that are in the same situation as me: The way to remove clients and project is to select the project or client in the left pane and press the minus sign in the lower left of that pane. This is the only way that I have found to remove a client or project.
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