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Can you redownload music that you've purchased on the iTunes music store? Like, for example, if you format your computer and forget to back up or burn the songs you paid for, can you get them back? PLEASE? Because it seems like you can't.
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No. Sorry.
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try this for the pc:
PodUtil 2.0 Public Beta 2 - VersionTracker

One of these for the mac:
Macintosh Software Updates -
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Assuming you haven't stored the songs on your iPod. You need to call Apple, tell them what happened, and be super nice and sound sorry about the loss. Give them the exact details, and they'll let you get up to 3 more licenses for your purchases.
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Even if you get more licenses though, that doesn't mean you will get your songs, right?

Apple really needs to fix this, I mean, it's not broken, but the records are kept for the authenticating, might as well let you redownload. does it, which is a big reason you should never use iTunes to get books from them, their website lets you do a lot more.
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Yeah, that's one policy that sucks. I've never been burned by it yet but even without accidental formatting etc there's always the chance of a house fire, severe electrical storm and so on. Audible's mechanism is a lot better, they were a decent service when I was a subscriber but it turns out I don't really like listening to audio books.

I knew about Apple's policy when I signed up though so at least they're upfront about it.

I suppose I should back up all my iTunes before the inevitable happens :P

One thing, even after a format you used to be able to recover files off a hard drive with Norton (or whatever the modern day equivalent is)
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Thanks everyone. Sigh. Now I'll never get to hear Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits EVER again.
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The relevant Apple knowledge base article, FYI.
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This happened to me last summer, but I eventually figured out a way to extract my purchased songs from my iPod onto the freshly reformated OS X drive. Otherwise I thought I just lost twenty bucks worth of music (which sucks, they should give you download/replenish rights).
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