Frame shop in San Diego?
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Framing Recommendation in San Diego?

SanDiegoFramingFilter: Does anyone have a framing recommendation in San Diego? We have an Aaron Brothers close by but would rather find a mom and pop type shop where it will be less expensive and better service.

Using search, I found one in LA but thats a bit far to go for a frame.

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When I lived in Hillcrest a few years ago we went to the Great Frame Up there. I think it's a franchise, so not exactly a mom-and-pop, but we had good service and were well satisfied. The City Deli on University used to have discount coupons for them all the time, which made it a great deal.
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I am a photographer and I take all my prints to Bob at:

Framing Creations
4655 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116
(619) 294-8174

He is a nice guy,very reasonable, and does a fantastic job!
Good Luck
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