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We're driving my partner's daughter to start University next Saturday (16th) in Birmingham (UK). She'll wan't us to vamoose quickly but we've never been to the city before and don't want to drive the long journey back to the South Coast straightaway. So Second City MeFites - where do we go in the afternoon (we like arts and crafts)? Where do we eat in the evening (not outrageously expensive)? where do we book to stay (ditto)? Thank you
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Is she at Birmingham University? If so, the Barber Institute will be right on your doorstep. In town the Museum and Art Gallery, although undergoing renovation, has an excellent mish-mash of displays and a great collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings. The Ikon gallery is also good - modern art of all sorts.

For dinner, maybe a balti in the Balti Triangle or at the dependableRoyal Naweed in Moseley?

Not sure about accommodation, I'm afraid!
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Moseley native, seconding all of Huw's recommendations (ah, the Naweed... memories). It probably doesn't need saying, but the best thing you'll get at Cadbury World is salmonella.
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totally agree with huw, the ikon also has a nice spanish restaurant. and it sits near brindley place where there are quite a few other restaurants from cheap to extortionate. if you can get further afield, the botanic gardens are great, and you could head towards sarehole mill and thereabouts, which inspired tolkein. the custard factory complex is worth checking out for stuff, but some of the constituents do have a tendency to be up themselves....

my fave in the balti triangle is probably saleem's, but i'm probaly can't go far wrong with any thereabouts.
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Seconding Brindley Place - there are quite a few restaurants around there - I remember a pizza place, Chinese, French restaurant and a sushi place if you're feeling adventurous!

Also as to where to stay, if you just want somewhere basic and cheap, we stayed in the Travel Lodge which was great, and also is in walking distance to the town centre, and most of the places mentioned in this thread. Not sure if it has parking though.

Something else that noone's mentioned yet - the Jewelery Quarter might interest you? It's close to the centre, and as well as more expensive shops has some nice crafty jewelery places too.
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