Help me find a drug advertisement please.
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I'm looking for old ads of when various illegal drugs were still legal. One in particular.

I've used GIS and found a few, but not the one I'm looking for. There was one posted to the blue some time ago that was for putting kids to sleep. I can not recall the name of it and my searching hasn't revealed it either. I don't recall what the active ingrediant in the ad was but it may have been heroin.

I'm also looking for other collections beyond what GIS can provide. Any suggests?
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Oh I remember it, there we kids gathered in a bed. I think it was laudunum and not heroin but I could be wrong. Wasn't it Sears? Google fails me too.
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Corbis is a big stock photo collection. They have lots of historical stuff. I searched for "drug ads" and then clicked on "Historical" and got some good hits.
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Is it this one?
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Response by poster: interrobang:
No, not that one. I seem to recall it described what it was supposed to do. Something in my head says Night was in the name, but I'm not sure on that.
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If you had an email address in your profile I wouldn't (yet again) submit a self link, but I really can't be assed copying the URLs across.

As to search terms (if it doesn't turn up with those links) I guess I would try for 'history of medicine' 'history of pharmacy' --- looking for image databases rather than an individual advertisement. When you get to the dbase, then do some more specific searches.
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Maybe you are thinking of peragoric.
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1)Before Prohibition: Images from the preprohibition era when many psychotropic substances were legally available in America and Europe

2)The japanese gallery of psychiatric art
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Here's an interesting one for Heroin, among other things. I actually ran across it when doing some work-related research.
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This fascinating page entitled "Before Prohibition" from the Univ. of Buffalo has all sorts of marketing images, including the old Coke ingredient list, Stickney & Poors' opium-laced Paregoric (with dosage guide for infants up to adults), Bayer's Heroin cough sedative, and an in-flight Pan Am menu from the early 50s listing benzedrine inhalers!

Also, here's an ad for Pernod absinthe from Wikipedia.

Knock yourself out!
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