giving notice in Scotland
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How much notice do I need to give to leave a full-time job in Scotland?

I have been working full-time at my employer for about 18 months. I'd like to quit. How much notice am I compelled by law to give? There is nothing explicit in my contract.

Thank you very much.
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Best answer: A week.
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Response by poster: Good work!
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That's minimum remember. Your contract, which you should have been given after 18 months, may state otherwise.
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In England, at least, you don't have to work-out your notice period. However, if you leave before completing it, you will of course get a very bad reference from the employer. At the very least, your employer will say in your reference that you failed to work out your contract. That may or may not be a problem for you.

I was told this by a colleague in my previous employer's HR department, last year. I am not in any way professionally qualified to state the above, I'm just passing on the advice I was given by a well-trained professional.

Talk to your HR department if you have one. You could make an anonymous phone-call, I'm sure.
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