How do I Set Up *.XLS/Subfolder Mirroring Between Two Unix Servers?
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I need to set up a mirror between two Unix servers. Basically, there a specific folder and all its sub-folders on one server I want mirrored on the other, but I only want files of a certainl type (.xls) to be mirrored. I also want to make sure that any changes made to the original (new subfolders or .xls files) show up on the mirror. Can anyone recommend any utilities or other methods to accomplish this?
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Or pipe tar into ssh and pipe it back out to untar on the other end.
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Yeah, rsync.

If you want two filesystems to be kept in sync regardless of which one was edited (eg, no master>mirror relationship - just going on last modified dates) then Unison is good too.
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If not rsync, or some tar+ssh combo, wget. (Read the man page, I think it may even have examples for exactly what you want.)
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Example using tar/ftp

GNU Tar version 1.13 with NcFTPPut ver 3.0

Copy /home directory to the server

/bin/tar --create --to-stdout /home | /usr/bin/ncftpput -u myname -p mypass -c /backup/home.tar

Then add it to cron however often you need. I run this behind a firewall so don't need anything secure YMMV.
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Rsync. If it's a LAN, use tar|ftp; across the internet tar|ssh.
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There are tons of clever ways to do what you want. Hell, you could probably set up a procmail filter on the mirror and have the master mail a tarball over. It's easy to get silly with this stuff, but if you're serious, just use rsync.
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Might as well toss this in here, a tar/ssh combo:

tar --gzip --preserve --same-owner --atime-preserve -cvf - | ssh user@host "cd /; tar --ungzip --preserve --same-owner
--atime-preserve -xvf -"

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