What USB WiFi Adapters supports LEAP?
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What USB WiFi adapters have support for 802.11b and Cisco's LEAP protocol?

I am having a hard time finding out what adapters support LEAP. So few companies list this feature on their product's spec sheets or packaging.

Linksys is an obvious answer, but what other adapters out there can support the LEAP protocol?
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This isn't a direct answer, but don't use 802.11b anymore. It supports only WEP, which is trivially crackable. A bad guy with a laptop-grade CPU can crack the encryption in under 5 minutes. And it's quite easy to see and attack wifi networks from a mile or more away, using very cheap equipment.

Use 802.11g with WPA2, which uses AES encryption -- quite strong. And use a very long password that's not just alphanumeric. Brute-force attacks on simple passwords are starting to appear.
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LEAP has been superseded by EAP-FAST, due to security problems with LEAP.
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Best answer: I suspect the poster needs to find LEAP-supported adapters to deal with a university or other wireless network. When I had to have LEAP, I found only the Cisco and Apple adapters supported it. That was about a year ago.
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You might try the WiFi Alliance Product Search as a starting point, though it doesn't list LEAP as an option, only EAP*.
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