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Where to get plastic tubing for storage?

I'm looking for plastic tubing and caps for storage of small items (small screws, nails, hooks, etc.). Size would vary between 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter, and 1-3 inches long. I thought maybe hardware stores and craft stores, but no luck. Googling has turned up nothing (I'd do a category search, but not even sure how to categorize this). This place has exactly what I want (including all kinds of caps), but you have to buy large quantities (i.e. several feet per size). I'm counting on you, since you helped me out before - in fact, this place has something close but in glass. Thanks!
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My favorite place for "stuff", American Science and surplus has glass and plastic bottles and jars that look like they could fit the bill. Most of the stuff they have is cheap and available in small quantities. If nothing else, their website and paper catalog are fun to peruse.
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I heartily second American Science and Surplus. They must have those plastic tubing with lids things. They have nearly everything. If you are ever in Chicago or Milwaukee the actually store is definitely worth a visit. It is hard to imagine that they really list everything they have in the catalog or website. I have found the employees very helpful, so you might just call and see what they can do. And to top it all off, the are very cheap.
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I needed someting like that a while back, and after searching fruitlessly, I found a reasonable substitute at Home Depot--a polycarbonate tube for protecting fluorescent lights. I can't find it on their site now, but it's something they normally stock, I think.
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Try US Plastics
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I've seen these hanging in a few old barns - take a small, sturdy length of wood that has faces wide enough to accomodate small canning or baby food jar lids. Nail four or so lids to each face from the inside, fill your jars, screw them back onto the lids and hang the object by the ends so it can spin freely. Off the counter, visible, cheap.
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Try looking for a drafting supply store or a builder's bookstore type place.
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I checked out American Science & Surplus. Close but no cigar. And American Plastics is also good, but orders are a minimum of a case (20-40 units per). And I saw those tubes at Home Depot, but they only had one size - 2"x4". Too big. I need tiny!
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Maybe you should buy the large quantity that Visipak has and then try to sell the remainder off to other people who have the same hobby or use for them as you.

Alternatively, did you actually call Visipak and ask if you could order less? Might they have remnants or excess they'd be willing to sell cheaply?
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sulaine - No, I haven't contacted them. I thought of asking them for samples, and hope they send me what I need. But that feels... wrong. But I think you're right - it couldn't hurt to ask!
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Go to a camera store that has in house film developing and ask for a pile of used 35mm film cans. Fuji makes clear ones.
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McMaster Carr
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Gungho - I have a bunch. But I need some flexibility - longer, thinner.

Raybun - ???

I think sulaine wins.
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In an attempt to elucidate Raybun's answer: McMaster-Carr. They have nearly everything, and what they don't have can be gathered from more specialist providers like Small Parts

Seriously, check out McMaster-Carr.
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What about empy prescription bottles. They come in all sizes. Am I missing the size?
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I was about to Google McMaster Carr, but thanks! There's some looking I have to do...
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I saw those small tubes with caps for sale in Home Depot or Lowes in the aisle where they sell nuts and bolts. Of course, their websites are less than forthcoming with said items.
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Shop Storage Tubes and Watmaker's Cases at Lee Valley Tools.
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