How to share Google calendar with lots of specific people?
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Is it possible to easily share a Google calendar with lots of specific people (not everyone) without having to manually enter each person's email address in the "Share with specific people" form?

Our office is planning to move to Google calendar for our shared calendar needs, and I'm trying to find out the best way to get everyone on the application. We have staff all over, and each person will have to manually create their Google accounts and set up their personal calendars.

It seems silly to make each person then share their calendar with every other person (by tediously entering their email addresses, one by one, into the form). Does anyone know of an easier way to pull this off? Can you share calendars with a group of people?
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Maybe you want Google Apps For Your Domain?
posted by Laen at 10:11 AM on September 6, 2006

wow Laen, when did that go live??
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Thanks, Laen. Based on this help page, it's not clear whether Google Apps for Your Domain will let me bulk-share calendars, but I'll give it a go! I'm signing up now.
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Google Apps for your domain is really just a re-branding of hosted gmail for your domain (so far).

Hosted gmail has a number of features that make life easier (user management via uploading a CSV, auto-add domain users to all users' contacts, for example) but I have yet to see any similar features show up for gCal...
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To be clear, I get my personal domain email through google hosted, and it gets you mail and calendar.

The point I was trying to make is that hosted gmail has a number of features that simplify management for large groups (or the whole domain) but that hosted gCal does not (yet).
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This is not a helpful response to the original question, but I wanted to note that after reading about Google Apps for Your Domain here, I registered a brand new domain and set it up with Google inside of two hours. Basically the whole site is managed inside Google (and already running). Impressive... and I can't wait to see what other "services" they add to the offering!
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