Restaurant recommendations in New Orleans?
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Healthy restaurant options in the Big Easy? I'm visiting New Orleans for a week with family, and I've been warned that the place should be called "the Big Greasy." Does anyone have recommendations for fresher, greener eating options? I've seen sites dedicated to helping people pick restaurants, but I'm hoping some here have personal Nawlins experience.
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There's a vegetarian place in the french quarter (it wasn't bad), and I think the warehouse district has some good asian and lighter options, but at least have one "bad-for-you" meal there--the food is out of this world. : >
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Response by poster: Thanks, amberglow. I know I'll get plenty of decadent treats, I'm just hoping to find some respite.
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That place isn't in the French Quarter (it's close though) - the neighborhood is called Faubourg Marigny - I thought it was good (and I'm not a vegetarian). Here's their website.

You could just eat raw oysters - they're not so bad for you.
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You could just eat raw oysters beignets - they're not so bad for you.

If you're only going to be there for a week, might as well indulge and worry about being healthy later.

But if you're intent on being healthy, I suppose any po' boy that doesn't have something fried in it wouldn't be so bad for you. kinda defeats the purpose though.
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I suppose any po' boy that doesn't have something fried in it wouldn't be so bad for you

I like that this means that I can go to Mother's and have a poboy with ham and Debris and it's not bad for me.

(Debris is, I'm told, the little bits that fall off the roast beef while it's roasting... as my friend Matthew said, all you need to know is that "It's powerful good.")

I'd think that many seafood dishes would be not that bad, too.
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What juv3nal said. Since I was just there last week, I can tell you in all honesty that N'awlins is not the place to go for healthy food. But I'm sure you can find something that's not fried, alcoholic or cigar-scented if you look. For good eats, I suggest you visit the Palace Cafe on Canal Street - I had the Cajun Filet Mignon there and it was just...(slobbering Homer sound).
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Try Figaro's on Maple Street (up at Carrolton Avenue -- take the streetcar up, get off in the Carrolton area with the Walgreens, turn towards the school, and walk down the street on the left.) for relatively healthy Italian. There's also a Morrocan (I think it was Morrocan. I never actually went there) restaurant on Maple St. as well.

There's a couple of good sushi places around town -- the best is at Carrolton, next to O'Henry's (which is not healthy), and then there's another good one in the Downtown area (across from the Federal building, I believe). There's also one in the warehouse district, but I only went there once, and I can't recall the name.

Copeland's on St. Charles will have good food and healthy options, and if you feel like getting pricey, I can't imagine that Commander's Palace is entirely grease-laden. But I could never afford Commander's Palace.

Just stay away from the Lucky Dogs, and you'll be fine.
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The New Orleans Menu Daily, linked to from Chuq's amazing website - a mother lode of Louisiana food and culcha.
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Katemonkey- Commander's Palace, as well as any of the other "old school" restaurants cook cuisine that's very inspired by classic French cuisine, which means everything is cooked in butter. "Lighter" foods like fish are often served en croute or in some kind of cream-based sauce. The only stuff they serve that isn't fried is raw oysters (mmmm) or boiled shrimp (which aren't terrible for you, but are still pure fat).

Basically, what juv3nal and biscotti said, in spades. If you're trying to find healthy food in New Orleans, you're missing out on one of the primary (IMHO, THE primary) attractions of the city. It's like going to Paris and sitting in a multiplex. Indulge, and diet later. Have fun!
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Just off Jackson Square is a restaurant called The Alpine. Despite its incongruous name, it's excellent, and as I recall had many very healthy items on the menu -- their website has the menu in PDF. We tend to stop in at least once whenever we're down there. Easily the best deal near the Square (other than Cafe du Monde).
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Response by poster: This is great. Thank you, everyone. You know, I really love rich food, but there are at least 21 meals in a week, and greasy food literally makes me sick after a while. Thanks again.
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