How should I manage my phone contacts?
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Can anyone recommend a good mobile phone number storing programme?

I have just lost a full sim card's worth of contacts so have decided it is time to get organised.

I am aware of the cheap keyring-like sim back up gadgets that are available: they're not what I'm after. I would like to manage all my contacts using my computer, so I need a method of uploading my sim data on to my desktop. The ability to use my desktop computer to edit and play around with the contacts on my phone would also very usefull.

I currently use a Sony Ericsson K750i and run XP. I'm looking for freeware if possible but I would be prepared to upgrade the phone if necessary.
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The K750i has either Bluetooth or IR, I can't remember which. Go into your address book options where there is an option to send all your contacts via IR or Bluetooth. Point the phone at your computer, and enable the PC's IR or bluetooth port (if it doesn't have one, an IR port costs less than $20). The phone will transfer a vcf file of all your contacts. This can be imported into Microsoft Outlook where you can edit them. If you don't have Outlook, shareware vcf programs exist.
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I just saw this this morning. I can not vouch for it, but here is the 'review' on Kelly Cool Tools . Looks like it has potential!
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I just synced my RAZR with zyb and it got my contacts fine (but not my calendar). I haven't synced back changes yet, but zyb has a neat AJAX interface for managing your contacts on the Web site.
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I tried syncing my RAZR with zyb but did not have much success. Instead I bought a RAZR usb cable and used 'data pilot' to back up everything. It has worked out very well.
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I can vouch for Zyb.

Easy to use, and it works well enough*.

*When I restored all of my data, some of my calendar stuff was a little funky (all reminder alarms on my event were turned off, when most of them had been on, and my "all day" events were now set for 12:00am with no duration, but I was so happy to get all my data back I could deal with those tiny inconveniences. It's beta, after all.
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And, oddly, I have a RAZR also.
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