What is the origin of the slang term beeyotch?
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What is the origin of the slang term beeyotch (not sure I spelled it right.)

Don't laugh. I would flunk Popular Culture 101 and it is especially pitiful since I have teenagers.
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It's an extension of 'bitch.' The original isn't anything more complicated that people pronoucning it in strange ways.
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The first time I saw it used, people were just using it to circumvent a chat filter.
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Or in other words, it's not worth applying clinical etymology to rap music.
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While silly on the surface, this isn't an easy question to answer absolutely. No google search of any spelling comes up with origins that I can find.

Personally I started hearing it in late 2000, from a friend that would ironically "talk rap" and say everything was in the hiz-ous (house) and that everyone was his biyatch back then. But I don't know of the exact origin, aside from a simple slang pronounciation of bitch. There is probably one song from years ago that did it for the first time.
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south park?
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The first time I heard it was out of Snoop Dogg's mouth on the album "The Chronic", but it may have been invented prior to that. I was always under the impression that it was an invention of Snoop's private vernacular, but what do I know?
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It appears in You Got Nothing Coming, which chronicles Jimmy Lerner's mid-late 90s stay in prison. He spells it biotch. Whether it originated in prison or rap isn't touched upon. Great book.
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On Monday she's a bitch, on Tuesday she's a bitch,
On Wednesday to Saturday she's a bitch
Then on Sunday, just to be different,
She's a super King Kamehameha bee-atch!

Come on! You all know the words!

Er, actually, my guess is Too Short.
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Flava Flav used it before Snoop.
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Here's a Vibe online interview from 2000 with Too Short:

What do you think of everybody using the word "beeyatch" after you invented it?

That's my gift to rap music. It's my gift to the hip hop community .... the word "bitch." They didn't ask me could they use it, but it's cool.

And here are some Too Short lyrics from Game:

[$hort] Hey, y'know what? Freddy B.....
[Fred B] What's that baby?
[$hort] And Too $hort. We go way back man!
1981, Freemont High School
We the two niggas who invented the word 'BEEYATCH!'
[$hort] Hey wait wait wait. BEEYATCH!

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Response by poster: You people are amazing, but then again that's why I bring you these Great Questions of Existence. I humbly thank you all .
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My money is on Too Short. That was a signature sample of his first album. machaus, just keep walkin' while you're talkin'.
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Too $hort. As an Oakland native, Too $hort,
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That would be Too $hort, period.
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Q. What does Snoop Dogg wash his clothes with?
A. Bleee-yatch.

tee hee, that joke still makes me giggle.
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I heard it back in the summer of 1995 on my all-white church trip. Two guys on the trip started saying it, I have no idea where they heard it, but we went to an amusement park for a day and they got it put on a t-shirt, which they then wore for the rest of the trip. No joke.
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elphTeq - Lame, but that made me laugh out loud.
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see also biz-natch
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see also biz-natch

Or just 'natch
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It was definitely on the cuts Cussword and Don't Fight the Feeling from the 1989 (or 1988) album "Life Is... Too Short." However, that is no guarantee that Too Short was the coiner or originator of the term.
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I'm pretty sure that Too Short record came out in '88. By 1993 Beeyotch was a Gainesville band.
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