Viewing the BCC field on emails one sends with OS X?
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Can I see the names in the BCC field of an email that I sent on OS X Mail? I can't seem to figure it out if it's possible. If it's not possible, are there any OS X mail apps that do allow this?

When I was on Windows, I used an email program that allowed me to view the BCC field. It was very useful to look and see who the recipients were (ie, to make sure I invited everyone to a party or gathering). It annoys the hell out of me that I can't seem to do this in OS X. Why block this info from the sender?
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Best answer: View > Messages > Long headers
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Best answer: If you do this often, just drag "Long Headers" into your mail toolbar. View > Customize Toolbar > drag the icon into your menu. Then for any given message, just click the little icon. Voila!
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Response by poster: Excellent! Thanks!
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