Freezing Windows Picture & Fax Viewer
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Everytime i preview a JPG stored on my Windows XP desktop my whole PC freezes up for around 10 seconds...usually longer.

if I open a JPG in My Documents (using the preview application by default) it opens instantly.

If i copy the same JPG to my Desktop and do the same it takes 10sec+ to open. it freezes up while displaying "Generating preview". It becomes completely unresponsive.

if i copy the JPG into a new folder on my Desktop, it opens quick as a flash.

if i copy the same file back to My Documents (or any other folder) it opens normally once still.

All other files seem to open just fine. Whats going on?
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How many files are in the desktop folder?
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Amazing, I just had an email from a non-mefite,
I'm attempting to contact you via your website as I do not have an account on Metafilter.

The freezing you get when viewing image files is symptomatic of a broken/dead shortcut link within the same directory. I would recheck all your shortcuts to see that they are properly linked, and delete the ones no longer used. This should fix the problem.

Best of luck,

Turns out I had a shortcut to my iBook on my desktop. Its rarely connected, so most of the time its a dead link. I deleted it and hy presto, everything works fine again!

(windows pisses me off sometimes it REALLY does)
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Will should get an account on Mefi. ;)
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Im purchasing him one :)
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