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Can anyone recommend a medical malpractice attorney in NYC?
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More information needed. Would the attorney be representing a plaintiff (someone claiming injury from medical malpractice) or a defendant (someone who, it is claimed, is guilty of malpractice)?
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I emailed you regarding this, but I had the same questions as enrevanche, in case you want to provide a bit more detail to help others help you!
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Ditto the request for additional information. It might also help to know the general medical specialty subject to the potential lawsuit.
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Representing a plaintiff, regarding an issue with an OB/GYN, if that helps.
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I am not going to be much help with plaintiff's side stuff (I am not a lawyer, don't play one on the Internet, etc. but I do have some good contacts in health insurance companies from years working in healthcare IT, and they know the malpractice defense people pretty intimately at this point.)

You might want to try the Lawyer's Referral Service of the New York City Bar Association. Note: I have not used this service in New York City, but I have had excellent luck in other places locating qualified attorneys for both business and personal matters through county bar associations.

There is no cost for the service, and typically in personal injury cases no cost for the initial consultation with an attorney. You talk on the phone with a staff attorney or paralegal, who then refers you to an attorney in private practice. It may not be a perfect method, but in the absence of better information it's got to be superior to picking a name from the yellow pages or a subway ad.
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In San Francisco a good med mal firm is Hersh & Hersh. If you could get one of the attorneys on the phone they could give you a good recommendation for NYC. The lawyer referral service is okay, better than the phone book, but probably better to try to get a respected lawyer in the field (on either the defense or plaintiff side) to give you a referral.
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