Oh noes! My website is getting pwnt!
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Does anyone have any experience implementing Pound or any other linux-based reverse proxy system? I'm trying to solve a "my website is getting pwnt by traffic!" solution by this weekend.
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It might be better to use traffic shaping instead of a proxy. A proxy might be useful if you plan on spreading out traffic to multiple servers.

I don't use Linux, but here's a web-based admin tool for iproute2:

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Response by poster: Yep, we are spreading to multiple servers. There's an event coming this weekend (well, most weekends for the next three months) that's flattening the webserver at work. I got approval to go ahead and reverse proxy the traffic among multiple servers, since the content's database-backed anyway.
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Ew, looks like Pound is new-thread-per-connection and limited to poll(). Something like PLB is closer to the sort of thing I would be looking at; event based, with support for select/poll/devpoll/kqueue/etc.

Also if your database-backed content is otherwise largely static, especially if it's the same across multiple clients, making sure your code is sending proper Cache-Control headers and handling conditional HTTP and putting Squid in front of it should help a lot.
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