Looking for cheap shure sm-57s
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Someone mentioned offhand, several months ago, that he knew of a deal to pick up a package of 2 Shure SM-57s for $50 or something like that, some amazing deal, from a catalog. I've searched high and low and I've still never seen anything like that, about the best I can find is $85 per mic. Am I misremembering? Does anyone know of a deal like this?
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I mentioned it because I saw 'em in a Studio Musician catalog over at my father's place (he subscribes to TapeOp magazine, so sometimes gets neat catalogs). I went over there to look for the exact offer, and my mother had thrown the catalog out (since my father doesn't need any more audio equipment).
It was a great sale, and I wish I had taken 'em up on it myself.
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Maybe I should subscribe to something, because it's an amazing deal. Myself I only *need* one more, although of course 2 wouldn't hurt, but I could probably buy 10 and find enough friends who could use one or two.
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here's a mixed set of 57s and 58s with case that looks to be closing at about $200 shortly.
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oops, no case, my bad.
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I suspect you may have come across a pair of Shure PG57's. The PG series being cheaper than the SM series. As someone well versed in music retail, I'm sure that not even the big net distributors can buy SM's cheap enough to sell at that price.

Especially considering that that item hasn't been changed in decades, it's not even likely they were blowing out the '05 models to make room for the '06. In short, there is no reason for the SM57 to go on clearance.
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Be very, very wary of what appear to be "bargain" SM57 or SM58s.

If you check Ebay you'll usually see a ton of them at ridiculously low prices. There's a reason for this - they're all Chinese fakes. They sound like crap, too.
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They sound like crap, too.

High-quality knockoffs, then... indistinguishable from the original.
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