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Why won't my Yamaha DX11 make any noise? There's

The synth worked fine just a few months ago...I used it as a midi controller and as an example to my friends of a bygone era of synthesis. Now when I attempt to play it, there's no sound signal out of any of the audio-outs. I'm not very knowledgable with hardware synths, so my real question is...what are some of the settings on the synth that could be causing it?

For instance, is it possible that all the midi notes could be at a fixed velocity, which happens to be set at zero? Or is there an option that turns off all MIDI signals from the keyboard? There are many options like this on the synth, and it's made more frustrating by the fact that there's absolutely no sound, making all the parameters equally unobservable.

It is an older synth, so the possibility of it being broken is there...I just figured I'd throw the question out here. It's so frustrating sitting in front of this thing, knowing there's some simple combination of keys to hold to reset one option or another... anyway, thanks in advance for the help.
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Best answer: It's possible you set it to "Local off". It's a typical setting on MIDI instruments where it will only play its own notes if sent out and received back via MIDI.

I have a DX7 myself.
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Best answer: You can get the manual (if you don't already have it) from the Yamaha Manual Library. Look in there for info on how to do a factory reset.
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Response by poster: It was set to "Local off"!

Also, the thing finally makes sense, thanks to the manual library. Much thanks.
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