Commuting from NYC to Berea, KY
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NYC to Berea, Kentucky. Best ways to travel back and forth, about 6 roundtrips over the course of 3 months? Low cost is very important, but not quite so important that I could stomach the 19-hour Greyhound ride every time. Can't find any budget airlines that go NYC-Lexington. Some cheap flights BWI-LEX and some NYC-Dayton -- maybe those are my best choice even with the added time/cost on bus legs? Finally, anybody know approx. taxi cost Lex-Berea (for times when Greyhound schedule doesn't fit with my plane)? Thanks!
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Best answer: take a closer look at this website:

in my experience if there is a deal to be had on that route or any other, the guy who runs this blog tends to find it. I don't know how he does it but he's been dead-on every single time I looked so far. that's the only reason I endorse the site.

also great is the brand new website they make predictions on whether fares are going to rise, go lower or stay the same. pretty self-explanatory but much needed.

if everything else fails, try asking the experts at put ten or fifteen bucks behind the question. the researchers are quite capable and sometimes have access to information you would otherwise have to pay for.

good luck!
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I can't check pricing right now, but you might consider a train.
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Also look into flying into Louisville. The airport's similar to Dayton in terms of size and fares, and you'll land closer to your destination.
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I can't check pricing right now, but you might consider a train.

The nearest Amtrak station is two hours away.
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Best answer: Southwest flies into Louisville, so you can try flying to Louisville and then getting to Berea from here. It's about 70-75 minutes from Louisville to Lexington (driving), so figure some increase in how long it takes to get to Berea. I'm not sure how Greyhound times work for that, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for pointing me at Louisville! I don't know KY so I didn't realize that was a good hub to look at. Southwest to Louisville + Greyhound (or flights to LEX when I can find them via the airfare search sites + Greyhound) looks pretty workable!
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