Termites in Hollywood
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Who's responsible for a termite infestation? Tenant or landlord?

I just moved into a four-plex a month ago. We found out yesterday that there's a termite infestation in the attic and basement, and they need to tent the apartment, meaning that we tenants need to move out for a couple days (with our pets).

The landlords have offered to take 2 days off our rent. Shouldn't they be paying to put us up? Do insect infestations constitute negligence or are they an act of god? We know that the landlords haven't treated the house for termites in 25 years.

Any opinions? I live in Hollywood, if that helps. Anyone know where I can research the legality of this?
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Does your renters insurance cover temp accommodations when the home becomes unusable?

You do have renters insurance, right?
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Google for [california landlord tenant]. But I wouldn't count on getting money for motel rooms unless they have failed to fix the habitability of the place for more than 35 days.
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