Bluetooth, ergonomic keyboards?
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Is there such thing as a bluetooth ergonomic keyboard?

I want something essentially like the Microsoft Natural line of keyboards - i.e., split layout - but Bluetooth.

Specifically Bluetooth - not just "wireless". I currently have the MS Wireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard, and like every other RF wireless keyboard I've ever tried, it just doesn't work very well. Not only does it take up a USB port, it has to take up a monitor USB port, because the RF receiver can't be more than about a foot from the keyboard before it starts dropping characters, no matter how many times it gets reset or how many fresh sets of batteries are sacrificed to it. Bluetooth keyboards, on the other hand, work across the room for me - but I've not yet found one with a split layout.

Alternatively - is there a way to turn a USB keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard? I'm envisioning some sort of dongle with a battery inside and a female USB port.
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the MS bluetooth keyboard isnt bad
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Response by poster: Thanks for not reading the question!
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