What can I do with a hundred leftover potato rolls?
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What do I do with a hundred extra potato rolls?

Threw a bbq party, and due to excess moisture leaking from the sky, not as many people showed up as originally planned.

Creative suggestions on what to do with all of the extra hamburger/hot dog rolls (besides freeze them and eat them later)?
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Don't feed them to the ducks. Bread is not good for them.
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Donate to a local soup kitchen/homeless shelter/Meals on Wheels organization? They may not be planning to serve hot dogs and hamburgers anytime soon, but they could hand them out as as a "bread portion" or dinner roll along with whatever they are serving.
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Response by poster: Do you have an authoritative source for that? A quick search reveals that advice to really sound like one of those wrong things that people repeat often without any basis in reality because someone stood up one day and said something like "the bread swells in their stomachs and they explode" and then they repeated it because it had a nice alarming ring to it and they were that kind of person and the person they repeated it to told a friend in a bar and some guy overheard it and put it on the internet and suddenly it was everywhere.
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Yes, quite unfounded

Feel free to snark at me if these people are actually a bunch of quacks.

I'd also recommend donating to charity.
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Entertain the neighborhood crows. They'd love 'em.
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Response by poster: That seems to be a more general prohibiton against feeding ducks at all, not specifically that bread is bad for them, except for the mold concern, which also isn't technically bread.
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If they are still in packages, another vote for food pantry/meals on wheels/soup kitchen.
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You could make stuffing/ dressing or bread pudding, but you're still going to have an in(cr)edible amount of food on your hands. Give them to charity.
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If you've got a family (or extended family) of any size at all, you could burn through a hundred rolls in no time. Think of the uses ...

* Croutons (season with salt and herbs, store in airtight containers, give as gifts)
* Bread crumbs (store very nicely in tupperware/airtight-glass for future breadings, thickeners, etc.)
* Bread pudding
* Sage stuffing

If the soup kitchen thing isn't an option, I'd focus on #2 - bread crumbs are infinitely useful in the kitchen, and can be stored for quite a while if done properly.

Let me say I kinda envy you for your situation!
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I don't think the bread explodes the ducks' stomachs. It just has no nutritional value, and fills them up... same as people. They sell duck food at pet stores.
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Definitely make yourself some croutons with all that bread. Also other stale-bread recipes, like french toast, bread salad, etc.
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Freeze 'em! Or make Pav Bhaji. (Pav = bread, Bhaji = yummy mixed up veggies).
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french toast
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Build a sculpture.
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My wife reports that you can use white bread as a pseudo-Mr-Clean-Eraser. You have to squish it all down into a wad and rub it onto your scuff marks & etc.

//Dunno if potato rolls would also have that magic power.
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