Selling a Timeshare?
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What's the best way to go about selling a timeshare? Search engines are clogged with tons of spammy sites, and no good information.

I've inherited a timeshare from my mother's estate. It's at a nice resort, in good condition and all that. Are there any reputable sites to sell through, or should I find a broker? Realtors shy away from selling timeshares since they are worth comparatively little compared to a house and are hard/impossible to show, I've heard.

I know that I could keep it and trade it for other weeks at other resorts, and that's what I'll do if it's not worth the hassle/benefits of selling. But selling is my first choice.
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The timeshare market is saturated with sellers. Unless you have something remarkably desirable, you'll be lucky to get a few hundred bucks. I very briefly worked for a charity organization that accepted donated timeshares, and we usually got about 5-10% of the "appraised value" given by the resort via e-Bay.

The people who donated to us had usually been trying to sell the timeshare themselves on some of those free listing sights with no luck.
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If you have a Disney Vacation Club Timeshare then you're in luck. Those resell fairly well as there is strong demand for some of the more exclusive home base hotels.
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Nope, not Disney. The market does look wretched, but I've got to do something with it.
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It's in Park City, UT but not during ski season or Sundance.
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Perhaps donate it to a charity organization who can sell it on ebay?
posted by SirStan at 9:13 AM on September 1, 2006 is referenced frequently in articles about selling timeshares. It's user-driven so there's not as much 'profit motive' behind it as some of the scammy looking sites.
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You can sell a timeshare on eBay for $70 upfront and $70 after the sale.
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Thanks, ebay looks like the best bet if I can't find someone locally in Park City to sell it for me.
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Bought my timeshare on ebay. Probably your best bet.
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Found a local agent willing to list it, it's on the market now.
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