Time won't give me time
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I want a windows application that can give me international times - I contact people in Europe on occasion - and I don't remember what time it is in Dublin or London. Is there a small app that can do this for me?

I'd put up one of those silly world maps like I'm on rocketboom 1.0, but the only space left in the office is a glass wall that I am sure is taboo to cover up with a large item.

Bonus points if the app sits in my system tray.
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I use FoxClocks for Firefox, but it's a wee bit buggy and, well, only works in Firefox.

It just sits in the lower left corner as a little globe icon and when I mouse over, it tells me what time it is in NYC, LA, London, and McMurdo.

The bugginess has to do with display options; your choices are 'little icon you mouseover' or 'line of times along the bottom of the browser' and only the former works.
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Why not just go here?-
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Well, it's not an app but I'll post in case it works for you:
World Clock -- current time in about 150 different cities.
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Put "Time in Dublin" into Google and it'll tell you.
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If you are using Outlook it can show two timezones at the same time. Tools->Options->Calendar Options->Time Zone
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We've got a bunch of employees who swear by Horas, from Basta Computing. I haven't used it, so can't necessarily recommend it myself, but they've been using it for years.
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Qlock is a great Windows app.
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Bonus points if the app sits in my system tray.

Try right-clicking your system clock.
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dash_slot, I'm on the East Coast and I need to see my time zone all the time.
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Perhaps one of the features that isn't very obvious from the World Clock site linked above is that you can personalise it so it only displays the cities you care about rather than the 150 most common. You select your cities on this page - http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/setpersonal.html - then click on the (normal version) - then click & bookmark the 'Make linkable version of this personal clock' link

e.g. NY, Dublin, and London would be here http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/custom.html?cities=179,78,136
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Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all the answers.
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