Muppet Cannibalism
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Muppets eating Muppets? Or am I crazy?

I remember when I was about 4-5 years old (late 80s/early 90s) watching a Muppets show (I think it's the Henson variety) where some Muppets were eating each other. Gobbling them alive. It may have been black and white.

The reason I remember this is because the 1812 Overture was used as background music for the whole thing, and now everytime I hear that song I feel fearful. (Yes I was traumatized).

My question: Did this episode really exist? Does anyone else remember this episode? Were they Jim Henson Muppets, or something else entirely? And WHY were they eating each other?!
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see the second half of this youtube link, if you dare.
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I don't remember anything beyond a big cannon in that sketch, but I give you the Muppet Wiki's take on muppetabilsm.
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Possibly this? Look at about the halfway mark.
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I don't know about muppet cannibalism, but there was a The State sketch about eating muppets that was pretty good. Possibly?
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Crap. Wasn't there on preview, sorry for the dupe.
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OK, I opened noloveforned's link and IMMEDIATELY closed it - I think that's the one. Was too freaked out to continue. Oh no!
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I feel sure you already know about Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles.
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box: actually, no, I've never heard of it. And now I'm not sure I want to. o_O
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I did not know there was a muppet wiki. Thank you, Ask Metafilter!

Divabat - they're really not as bad as you remember. Few things really are as bad as your memories from childhood.
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Don't forget Miss Piggy pushing pork sausages and pepperoni pizzas in Denny's and Pizza Hut commercials!
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Is it just me? Or does this vintage Muppet look like the PC guy?

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I think the muppet-eating monsters are kinda cute. It makes me giggle when they open their mouths really wide and then-- SNARF-- a muppet disappears! Hahaha!
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the muppet wiki is choice, thanks cardboard
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Is it just me? Or does this vintage Muppet look like the PC guy?

That's Dr. Bunsen Honeydew(wearing a bad hairpiece) from Muppet Labs! If anything the PC guy looks like him - According to the wiki, he was introduced in the first season of The Muppet Show.
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Another thanks to cardboard for the muppet wiki, where I was able to answer a muppet question that's been pestering me for years.
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To give props, I found out about the Muppet Wiki from a Mefi post about a month ago.
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Gotta love the muppets!
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I remember lots of Muppet Cannibalism. The "Under My Skin" sketch was a favorite of mine when I was very young. I used to make my mom rent the "Grover's Weird Things" video compilation all the time. Such a strange child.
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"The PC guy" has a name, it's John Hodgman, and I whole-heartedly reccomend his book, "The Areas of My Expertise." It is hilarious.
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Gonzo's Weird Things.

I've had Sesame Street on the mind lately, for reasons I'll keep to myself.
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