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how can i share itunes libraries between a mac and pc?

my older brother just went off to college this week. he has a macbook and i have a pc running xp sp2. we are both big music collectors and want to have ongoing access to each others' music libraries - instead of constantly sending and receiving files via a program such as pando. i would use grouper, but there's no osx version to be found. i was thinking about using qnext, but its reviews don't make it sound too promising. i think it would be nice to create my own little p2p network. maybe even invite a friend or two into it. my brother, however isn't too technologically advanced. i doubt he (or even i) could get hamachi for osx up and running (as it doens't have a gui in mac - just a terminal interface).

any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks!
-will (and his brother)

note: the majority of the material is recorded in non-drm'ed aac (.m4a) if that makes any difference.
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Musicast to serve from the Mac side, Blue Coconut to grab from the Mac side. More complex approaches with SSH tunnelling for streaming, and you could probably rig up something similar on the Windows side. Hamachi is also reputed to work, though I haven't tried it.
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Yeah, Hamachi is what you want, though the Mac client is not yet fully baked. I use it to listen to my home music library at work.
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