Need Newegg alternative
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I need an alternative to that easily allows Paypal. I'm having trouble lately submitting orders on Newegg.

FWIW the nature of the problem on Newegg is basically that information gets lost when I get transferred to Paypal... as soon as the page comes up I get a Paypal alert icon with "Some information is missing or incomplete. Please correct your entries and try again.". Yeah, right, there's nothing that I can do except hit the Continue button, which I won't do because the order # is showing as 123456789012345. I tried this on a few different machines and browsers, same thing. Cookies are on, I'm running same browsers, and it never did this until this week. I tried notifying them of the error but their contact webform kept complaining that my message was over 600 characters and I had to truncate out a lot of the data. Argh... I want that hour of my day back.

So who else would you recommend that's dependable, secure, and cheap? I'm buying small LCD monitors, disk drives, DVD writers, and so forth.
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ZipZoomFly also does PayPal, but I don't know if it will solve your problem.
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I may be missing the obvious, but wouldn't your time be better served trying to get Newegg to correct their portal/gateway?

I don't mean to come across as a shill or something (I'm just a satisfied customer, is all), but they seem pretty receptive to their customers, all in all.

I'd imagine that's doubly true when problems from their end result in lost profits for them. If there's anything a company wants, it's to get your money from you. :)
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Response by poster: Well yes, I assumed it was my fault until I saw it wasn't working on the other computers, so I contacted them. At this point I'm simply not expecting much... my experience with big megacorps is it's like pulling teeth to get them to investigate problems on their systems.
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Monarch Computer is paypal friendly and who I buy stuff through when I don't use Newegg. I highly recommend them.
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Bizzare. I've bought stuff off of NewEgg many, many times with PayPal and never had a problem. Try Firefox maybe?
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Well I bought something from newegg last week (and saved 60.00 to boot). I did get that message and just continued. The transaction went smoothly after that.
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Tigerdirect has got good prices and they take paypal. I've ordered a few things through them (although never w/ paypal) with mixed results. I got some refurbished headphones that didn't work and had to go through the whole return process. I also got a new LCD monitor that's worked for about 10 months or so with no problem.

Just don't sign up for their promo e-mails because they send that crap like 3 times a day and it's all images.
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