Find my MySpace design guru?
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Where can I find a good contractor to design/build/bling/update my promotional MySpace pages?

My company is looking to launch and maintain a handful of promotional MySpace pages, and I'm wondering: Is it worth hiring an outside guy/company to handles the design, promotion and update? Does such a thing even exist, and if so, where might I find a decent one? (The other option is to have the interns do it.)
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You might want to give the interns a crack at it, at least at first, chances are they have their own and know how.
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Alternatively, you could find some good looking pages and figure out who built them.
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Second the interns. They're cheap, and know stuff.
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If the interns can't do it, you can always post on to find a freelancer, either under the art/media/design jobs, or web/info design, or marketing/advertising/pr, or all of them (or whatever is appropriate). And then you'll have to root through tons of résumés, portfolios, and cover letters you'll receive. But, yes, sometimes people do hire others to do exactly this sort of thing.
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Anyone with moderate web design skills can do it for you. There's a great tutorial on how to hack the crappy MySpace code into shape on Mike "Newsvine" Davidson's site. Once it's set-up to taste, updating it can be done easily through the profile management interface.

I third the use of interns as cheap labor, but caution that promotional MS profiles may backfire as positive promotion.
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To add one thing, yes, it would be great to have the interns do it, but can they design things? If this is representing your company, you might want to pay someone who knows design, coding, marketing, etc.
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Does the company have a standard website? Maybe you can get the same person to do the myspace pages (although a lot of web designers despise myspace)
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I found a post on a design blog (via Digg) about a month ago.

Mike Davidson seems to have really paid attention to what works (and what doesn't) on myspace.

He's s done the heavy lifting - knows it. If I was spending money from a "corporation" - I'd hire him.

Dammit, Quixado beat me to it.
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