Hacking my clients?
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How can I remotely access my clients' PCs for tech support and troubleshooting?

In the near future, I will be providing tech support-type services to a few business clients around a major metropolitan area. It would be nice if I didn't have to drive across town to their office every time their computer starts acting weird.

I know with XP Professional, I could simply use Remote Desktop to log in and see their screen, which is the ideal solution for me, because I have a fair amount of experience with RD.

However, some of the PCs have XP Home, and I believe some have Windows 2000.

I know there are solutions like GoToMyPC and PCAnywhere, as well as others geared toward a more tech-supporty(?) audience. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Um, VNC.
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WOW. WHAT A BRAIN FART ON MY PART. I'm even using VNC to control my Ubuntu home server with my iMac.

Move along people, nothing to see here.
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If they have a firewall, you may have problems using VNC. You can use Copilot to get around those issues, though.
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If you're going with VNC, they have to install it on their end anyway, so you'll probably be Ok with allowing the passthrough on their firewall at that time.
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As a paid consultant for business clients, you should remember that VNC (and Remote Desktop for that matter) use insecure network communication protocols.

Really, both of these protocols should be run over a secure channel, either VPN or SSH tunnel. Otherwise, there is a chance that data and passwords could be exposed to nefarious types.
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http://www.logmein.com is pretty sweet.
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This is what microsoft made "Remote Assistance" for. You can use Remote Assistance if the target computer is running XP Home.

I've never used it myself, but from the docs, I think it would be easier for the end user to set up than VNC (you just send them an email and they clickity click click, looks like -- probably takes care of windows firewalling too).
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oh, and i believe you can use regular RDP with 2k, as it was basically the "pro" edition.
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UltraVNC Single Click http://ultravnc.sourceforge.net/addons/singleclick.html

It packages VNC into a exe that all they need to do is click and only runs when they want help.
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+1 for LogMeIn.com

Free service has been more than enough for over a year now for me. Even behind the strictest firewalls, I have no problems remoting to machines I have setup with the service.

The paid service adds the ability to copy files between machines. They also offer a IT support plan that allows you to connect to client machines without the software being installed. I believe you IM or email them a link, from which they can confirm and give you control.
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VNC over SSH, no question. Or if you want to pay someone, Fog Creek Copilot.
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RE: wejones' comments

I disagree with the premise that RDP is insecure.
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Concur; UltraVNC looks pretty spiffy, though I haven't yet deployed it myself.
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