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Yet another redirect question: How can I auto-redirect a visitor to another page, although I can't edit the page's HTML/code, per se?

I've got a blog on a freebie host with no adverts, and I want to redirect users from the blog page (wordpress) to a new blog page on a different host -- but all I can do is submit story entries, not edit the actual code like the meta tags (as far as I know, unless you know of a seup function I am not aware of..?

Is there an HTML or or some js taggery I can set up in one of the stories/articles to make the page redirect to the new blog?

I've seen it done on Myspace I think.. Some fake account with a cute girl picture wants to be my friend, so in visiting her profile to see if she's actually a person, the myspace account redirects you to a porn/spam-etc site instead. How do they do that without being able to actually edit the serverside page data?
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This should work:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""
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Response by poster: I posted it as an entry, even under the HTML option, but it comes back without the script tags and with the !--'s preceded by paragraph tags ;-/
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Best answer: After a bit of google searching I think what you want is not possible I'm afraid.

Smackfus suggestion should have worked but It obviously doesn't allow you to insert code.
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Can you stick files in the same directory as the URL?

If so you could do a .htaccess redirect. (Assuming it's running Apache.)
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>I've seen it done on Myspace I think.

Yeah but MySpace is famously insecure.

If you read through that guy's explanation of how he hacked myspace by putting javascript into CSS style attributes and so on, you might get something that works.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help guys :-)
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