What was this song called?
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Remember the computer game, "The 7th Guest"? If you put the game CD into a stereo instead of into your computer, there was a song that played that I don't think was found anywhere else in the game. Anybody know what it was called and who it was by?
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All the music was by The Fat Man. Wikipedia has the details.
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From the Wikipedia article on the game:
The second disc of the CD-ROM set included a very large single audio track playable on any regular CD player. In total, the track was over an hour long and it included both the in-game music, composed by already leading video game musician George "The Fat Man" Sanger, and two live music recordings: "The Game", whose melody in various permutations and stylistic variations became the background music for most of the game (as well as the theme for a piano puzzle) and whose lyrics were based on Stauf's twisted plot, and "Skeletons in My Closet", a jazzy tune with a female lead voice which was the ending-credits theme.
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Curse you, ewagoner! Curse you!
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The music from 7th Guest and 11th Hour are available on the album 7/11. availble directly from The Fat Man. The song you are probably remembering, "Skeletons in My Closet", is avialble from him as a free MP3.
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Ah... turns out it's just a "preview", but that ought to wet the whistle.
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If you popped the Warcraft II CD-ROM in a CD player, you could hear a secret song called "I'm a Medieval Man."
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I think the song you're remembering -- or at least, the one that stands out in my memory -- is The Game, which was a slightly spooky pop song kind of thing.
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Might be The Game -- there's an MP3 preview for that one, too.
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Wow, I wasn't expecting this many answers... the song was The Game, and I haven't the naryest idea why I even remember it... but thanks for filling me in!
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