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Recently, I've been doing some paid freelance work on the side of my real job - and I may do some more. Obviously, I want to sort out the financial side properly, but don't have a clue how to do it.. I'm in the UK - does anyone know a good accountant here (or know another option) where I might get some cheap advice..?
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have you tried the inland revenue? they have a phone helpline that seems to be pretty good (i left the country and my dad got lots of solid info from them - ended up getting a signifcant tax return :o)
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I'm doing the same, ascullion. Check out the inland revenue site and call the self-employed helpline. they are really helpful and the literature they send you is pretty unscary considering. Mind you, I'm still not looking forward to filling in the tax return next year...
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thanks - I have looked at the Inland Revenue's site before, but will go back and resolve to try harder! I was really hoping I could pay someone to do it for me though :)
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Pericles - the tax return is no big scare (if - as I think your post implies - you are doing one for the first time, rather than just a bloody complicated one because you're freelancing).

Just make sure that you keep a copy of literally every single piece of paper that relates to your earnings for the relevant tax year.

Oh yeah, and do it online - it's much, much quicker and easier - but make sure that you register for it with at least a couple of weeks to spare until it's due as you have to go through an authentication process with mailed ID codes etc.
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