Seeking Source For HDTV Ratings
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What is the Best Source for keeping up with the ratings on HDTVs. Any recommendations such as a magazine or website would be appreciated. Like so many others, I are going to purchasing a HDTV this Xmas. If I am to shell out 2 to 3 thousand dollars, I am looking for the Best Value. Thanks in advance.
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It is hands down the absolute best community I've ever seen in regards to all things home theatre. You'll have to do some digging but most of the people there are extremely helpful.

One word, though - don't talk about price unless it's MSRP. They're very strict about that.
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Seconding AVSforum, but be sure to do lots of lurking there (and elsewhere) before posting any questions. Newbie questions can be a real drag.

I'm also buying an HDTV this fall, and I strongly recommend that, for now, you just peruse the market and models and discussions for general background purposes (like, learning about 1080i vs 1080p, Plasma vs LCD, general opinions about manufacturers, etc). The fall models are about to come out, and everything will change. By the end of October everything should be announced and starting to trickle into stores.

me, I'm waiting for the best 37-inch 1080p LCD with a 5th gen tuner
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