Best Toyota junkyard, SF Bay Area?
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Junkyard for Toyota parts in the Bay Area?

Please help me minimize driving 'round in search of a body part for my Tercel. Palo Alto - South Bay - San Jose area would be closest.
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Are you familiar with Pick-n-Pull? They have locations in San Jose South, San Jose North, Newark and Oakland.

I have never been to one but they look like they have a nice set-up and I wish they had locations in the Northeast.

Their website is not a nice set-up - when you click on locations the url does not change
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Pick N Pull was pretty good for older cars--cars that are 10 years or more if I remember correctly. When I was a poor teenager I was able to find the right color hood and fender for my old Corolla. Took many trips to PNP, and then learning the days in which they brought out the "new" cars (Tues / Wed?)--But I finally found the parts I needed. Cheap too.

If you have a newer car, and I don't think they've made a Tercel in a while, you can try Tap Recycling which I had fairly good luck with. They're in Rancho Cordova.
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Best answer: Let your fingers do the walking -- by which, of course, I mean "use the internets!" is basically a junkyard aggregator where you can search thousands of junkyards at once. Shipping might be prohibitively expensive if the "body part" in question is large, but you can sort the search results by distance from you. (no affiliation, just a neat way to score used parts!)
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