Parts for a Ford Focus
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Where can I find Ford Focus parts (specifically a window regulator)? All retail/do-it-yourself shops (AutoZone, Checker, Car Quest, NAPA) say they do not carry the part. They all say you'll have to go to the dealer. All dealers say I have to buy the motor & the regulator. Does anyone know of a reputable place that sells ford focus parts at a reasonable price and motor and regulator separately?
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try a junkyard. I am sure you can get one in good condition from a crash victim.
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what city are you in. In the Pacific Northwest you would go to some place like Pull-A-Part in Lynnwood.
Here you pay a buck and they let you wander around the yard picking up the pieces from the cars on hand.
Bring your own tools. Also a good way to learn how the regulator is put in the door without ruining yours.
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pick - n - pull, pull - a - part and the like if you want to get the absolute cheapest price (which, IMHO, is still kinda expensive for shit I'm pulling off a junked car), or a "used auto parts" junkyard if you want to pay a little more and have them pull it for you.

The DIY junkyards can be hit and miss, but they're a lot more fun. Additionally, the big upside of one of these places is you get some experience in taking the part off (and if you fuck it up, you don't have to buy it), making it possibly easier to put back on. Entrance usually costs a buck or two, and depending on your car, and it may be possible that they won't have the part you're looking for (ie, if you've got a classic). With a ford focus, I'd imagine you'd be ok.

To find either of these places, look in your phonebook. I find car stuff really hasn't caught up to that there internet super carway thing that I've been reading about at the barber.
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Having had this exact problem with my Honda, I will say that it was totally impossible to find the regulator without the motor. YMMV with the Ford, of course, but (for example) my husband had a helluva time finding a seat for his Focus, so window parts may be equally scarce.

Having seen the window motor/regulator part myself, and based on my dad the mechanic's information, I would not necessarily undertake trying major surgery on this sort of part unless you know what you are doing. Sucks, but true. Unsolicitied advice: apparently the regulator breaks because there is too much pressure on it for a long period (read: years) -- so the solution is to lubricate the window so you don't break another one.
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Yeah, I would try a junkyard to salvage the part from. Or this forum has a classified section where you may find one. Or you can join it, then write a post with the title "WTB window regulator." (WTB meaning where to buy). I found a forum specifically for nissan maximas when I bought mine and its turned me into a "how do you change a tire" person to a "I just did a brake job and replaced the knock sensor" person.
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