How do I setup LAN network to redirect all internet requests?
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I recently setup a wireless/wired network for a hotel to be used by about 75 guests. It was simply a matter of daisy chaining a few Netgear switches (JFS516) from the ISP's DSL modem/router and then connecting a few Netgear Access points (WG602) with alternating channels on each floor (one per floor). DHCP is controlled by the router. Everything worked great. However, now the hotel has requested that the network be upgraded to include a page that intercepts all internet requests and I'm looking for tips on how to do that?

It needs to:

- Provide a central firewall - I figured that this can be done at the ISP's router level. But I may not have access to the router administration to change the settings. My assumption is that if the router has a firewall it will be on by default.

- Terms of Service Page - When guests try to access the Internet they want them to be directed to a Terms and Conditions page that guests must accept BEFORE they can gain access to the internet. I'm assuming that if they decline the Terms and Conditions they would not be allowed access.

- A Start Page - After the Terms and Conditions are accepted by the guest they will be redirected to the hotel's URL on the Internet.

My Findings and Questions:

I've been asking around but have not been able to get a complete explanation on how to do this in a WINDOWS environment. I've received a few suggestions that a proxy server should do the trick but, if that is the case,how do I configure it to push all internet requests to the Terms and Conditions page and redirecttion to the Start Page URL? Will the conditions of the Terms and Conditions page require some sort of script to allow or decline access to the Internet? What hardware/Software products are available to accomplish this as easily as possible?

I'm pretty good at computer networking and this is a little above my head but if someone explains it clearly I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out. I'm not familiar with using Linux. I have some HTML skills but no programming skills. Thanks!
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You need to check out a captive portal-style solution that you can install.

I would check out WifiDog but there are many other similar solutions out there AFAIK.
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This might meet your needs: Using m0n0wall to create a wireless captive portal

It provides a central firewall, a portal T&C page, and can forward to a start page. This also has the benefit of being free / open source and can run on a very low cost / spare PC.
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NoCat is the original open-source captive wireless solution. Portland State University uses it (or, did when I was going there) to control access to it's campus wireless network in the middle of downtown.
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AFAIK, there's no one-step-install for a windows computer, like m0n0wall. You'll probably end up having to run apache, mod_perl and NoCat...

I chose the m0n0wall setup for my personal T&C page.
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I can't help out with a Windows-based solution, but ZoneCD is an open-source bootable CD that might do what you need.

Based on the features page, you can insert pages when someone accesses the wireless connection.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot. I think MonoWall is exactly what I'm looking for!
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