The original lava men?
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Did Marvel really invent mole men and lava men from scratch, or is there something that precedes it?

They just seem so much like older "Subterranian dweller" myths, that I keep expecting there to be a circa 1880 hollow earth novel with lava men or a spiritualist who claimed to channel mole men.

What sort of similar beings preceded the mole men?
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Gnomes and dwarves?
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You might be thinking of "Morlocks" the subterranean humanoids from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, published in 1895.
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Even within comics, Marvel (and jack Kirby in particular) were pumping out monster books like crazy before the FF broke, and lots of those monsters came up out of the earth. it's not an accident that the Mole Man appears in FF #1.
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Vril pre-dates Wells. Hollow Earth fantasies go back a long time. See also: Hell.
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Forgive me for this hijack, but on the Season 1 DVD set of the Tick animated series that just came out, one episode is missing. That's episode 11, "The Tick vs. the Mole Men." Does anyone know if it's some disagreement with Marvel that's tying up the rights?
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Superman and the Mole Men (1951)

Also, Mole Men in Tales to Astonish (1961)
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But wait, there's more:

Mole Men Against The Son Of Hercules (1958)

The Herculoids and the Mole Men (1967)

The Mole Men Want Your Eyes by Frederick C. Davis, in Horror Stories (1938)

Moving on to Lava Men:

This "Vanguard History," apparently from 1964, has Lava Men and Tony Stark (and Bruce Wayne, among many), but doesn't seem to be Marvel-ous.
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There is also the Shaver Mystery - Richard Shaver's tales of degenerate robots ("Deros") that dwell beneath the skin of the Earth and emerge to wreck havoc upon unsuspecting humanity. Amazing's editor, Ray Palmer, represented them as being based on fact, contrary to all common sense.
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Faint of Butt: That's what started me on this road. I was sure there were pre-Marvel mole men but couldn't think of a concrete example.
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Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940) features mud men who seem to share some features with the mole men you're looking for.
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