What is a good small reliable plain paper fax machine?
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I need a fax machine. For light home use plain paper couple times a month. Outgoing only as I use a free service for incoming direct to email. It would sit on a book shelf out of the way and out of sight. What is a good small reliable plain paper fax machine?
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I purchased a Panasonic KX-FHD331 about 3 months ago for similar usage. It cost roughly $40 after the rebates available at Staples. I haven't had any problem with it so far.
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Response by poster: Thank you, ferociouskitty. After posting this I looked around and found the Panasonic and also a Sharp both of which are small format. But not that small really, it doesn't look like a really small fax machine exists. It's too bad the world needs a cute small fax machine they all look like giant battleships for serious business and eat up desk-estate for when you only need it very occasionally.
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If it's going to be outgoing and light use only, why not use a scanner and your computer's modem?
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Response by poster: teg - that would work, but it is a lot easier to drop pages into a fax machine, plus having to pull a phone line over to the computer and deal with the software.
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free as in 30 days free?
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Response by poster: Free as in 3 faxes a month free. I've had a personal fax number for years and never run into that, just saw it now for the first time. My guess is they don't track it but YMMV.
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Wow, stbalbach, thanks for the link to callwave - there have been several instances since my conversion from worker-bee to student where i regretted the loss of my personal fax number. Are the numbers all in the 775 area code (Nevada)?
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... On second thought, I may have unwittingly opened a new spam pipeline (no opt-out for third party e-mail solicitations besides closing your account.) oops.
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