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How best to track upcoming gigs in Ireland?

Specifically, Glen Phillips. I just found out that he's moving to Europe for a year, and he'll be touring the UK and Ireland in January. Since I never got to see Toad the Wet Sprocket in concert back when they were big (and missed their tour this summer due to being in Ireland), I CANNOT miss when he comes to Dublin to play. Any sites that list upcoming gigs in Ireland/Dublin in particular? Ideally, something with RSS feeds or email updates would be best. I *seriously* don't want to miss him when he's here, but January is far enough away that I could easily see myself forgetting.
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entertainment.ie ?
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Ticketmaster.ie probably covers it with their performer alerts
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Response by poster: Entertainment.ie is fine if I remember to obsessively check it. But since he's not coming till January sometimes, I'm guessing the dates won't be booked for at least a few months, by which time I'm SURE to forget. And Ticketmaster.ie looked like just the ticket (pun intended), until it couldn't find Glen Phillips in their artists database... d'oh! :)
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Response by poster: Err... "not coming till January sometime"
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Best answer: the 2 major promoters in Ireland are MCD and Aiken Promotions.

I assume Glen Phillips will be playing the smaller venues, so
in Dublin MCD have their artists in Whelans, The Ambassador, Crawdaddy and the Olympia.
They have a feed here.

If you find out he's playing in Vicar st that'll probably be Aiken Promotions. They don't seem to do rss but the site is here
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Glen Phillips has a ton of live stuff up on the Internet Archive to tide you over. He also has stuff up with Mutual Admiration Society - a fantastic band he started with Nickel Creek. As well as live Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Now if I can only figure out an easy way to turn .flac to .mp3...
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Response by poster: I actually grabbed a couple live Toad gigs, a Glen Phillips gig, and and now I'm going to grab some Mutual Admiration Society stuff from archive.org... I didn't bother grabbing the flac stuff, I just grabbed the VBR mp3s, those will do me just fine :) All of this was precipitated by finding Welcome Home Live on my old Rio Karma that I haven't looked at in years :)
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Response by poster: Oh, and cheers MarvinJ, that's exactly what I'm lookin for! At least when I see gigs starting to show up for January (that aren't Shane Ward, :)) I'll remember why I added that feed to my bloglines :)
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Best answer: Actually PhantomFM's gig guide is pretty good, no feed for it but does have some listings for January already, probably worth keeping an eye on aswell.
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Best answer: You should bookmark Irish Music Central. Lots of gig news and MP3s to download. It's indie/alt mostly.
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Response by poster: Wow... Irish Music Central is one busy site. Reminds me of the ICQ homepage, back when I used to use ICQ. Though it does have a fair bit of info on there, cheers.
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The RTE Aertel gig guide, here's the Dublin page
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Response by poster: Just an update: this question has already yielded results, since I found out about the upcoming Tenacious D gig. Woohoo! :)
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