How do I transfer Word autocorrects between computers?
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Microsoft Filter: Please help me transfer my Word autocorrects from work to my new laptop. There's

To make it more complicated, I have Word 2002 at work and I think I have the Office 2000 version at home. Both computers run XP Pro. I can't seem to find instructions online. Please help!
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This page has instructions and a link to a tool which definitely works in Word 2000 and may work in 2002.
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Under Tools > Options > Spelling and Grammar (this in Office 2003 so YMMV) there's a button called Custom Dictionaries which just points to a file called CUSTOM.DIC buried in a path.

My guess is you need to get into that subfolder and save a few files like that to the new laptop. I'd rename the folder(s) on the new laptop xxxx_old so you don't overwrite anything important.

Another option is to try to port the entire Office user profile over to the new machine, though I don't know how to do that off the top of my head.
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If you would like to copy all your settings over to a new machine, e.g. Outlook mail settings, custom toolbars, templates etc - under Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools, there is an application called "Save my Settings Wizard". This works pretty well and will also copy your autocorrect entries.
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