Is there such a thing as a functional, femme shoe?
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Help! I need women's shoes. I've been looking for a long time, and can't seem to find the shoes that fit my many requirements.

These are the requirements:

And yes, I did check this thread out.

must be flats (no heel at all -- orders from my chiropractor)
must be dressy (to go with black slacks, my usual MO)
no Danskos (my ankles turn out)
must be more attractive than Earth Shoes or Clarks (more tapered around the toe area)
must come in black or dark brown
must cover most of the top of my foot (no ballet slippers or loafers that have a low vamp)
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Maybe something by Mephisto? They've all got a little bit of a heel, but I've found that's the case with pretty much all flats that aren't ballet flats.
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Would something like these work? Or is the vamp too low? If that's the case, you might want to look into some version of a moccasin that's a bit dressier.
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I frequently use as a resouce for buying shoes. Mind you, I am a guy, but I know they have thousand of shoes to pick from. They should have what your looking for as they offer a variety of sizes, brands, colors, etc.
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Your requirements sound just like mine (except that I wear sandals that otherwise fit your description when possible). I wear Softspots a lot of the time (maybe these or these would do? (I consider them to be flats, though a heel height is listed).
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Ecco Soft Style is a style that I've had success with. Maybe not femmy enough? If you press the "next" button on that page, there a few more pages of choices for Ecco.

Also the Nordstrom's women's shoe department usually has quite good service if you have one hear you.
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Definitely check out You can narrow down your requirements.
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I like Anne Klein's Manny loafer, which doesn't have more of a heel than the Danskos you linked. Here are all the flat options from Anne Klein.
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I would recommend Kumfs. They have a huge range of fashionable shoes that are orthopeadic/support orthotics. My mum has been wearing them for years.

Their website is
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An excellent, comfortable brand with a very large range of sizes is Munro; one place they're sold online is Nordstrom. I have an older pair from Munro and they required no breaking in and can be worn all day without any aches or pains.

Try this flat -- or search by brand in Nordstrom. The flat seems to meet your criteria, I think. Some of their models I find ugly, but definitely not all of them!
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I don't know if these would qualify -- a small rise in the heel might be too much and the toes are a little square -- but I love my Franco Sarto Boccas. They look really cute with dark tights, and also go well with slacks. The tights-and-Boccas look might be too girly, rather than womanly, for you, though. Soooo comfortable.
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Zappos has everything. Go conquer.
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I have similar issues. I just bought some Think! and love them.
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Is there a nice restaurant that you like? Look to your waitrons/servers. I'd bet they've had exactly the same need and would be more than happy to share their knowledge.

Bonus: they'll be available in your area (so you can try before you buy) AND likely to be a bargain as well.
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Seconding the eccos--they seem to have more of an arch support than the other brands, although I would not wear them with a dress.
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it sounds like tod's are perfect. they are unparalleled for style, quality, and comfort. try to find a store close to you on their website. If you don't want to spend so much money, cole haan is a great alternative.
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I like these j. crew suede driving mocs. They come in black and dark brown and are under a hundred bucks.
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