I need some eye candy generator software that goes straight to disk...
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I need some video eye candy generator software that outputs straight to disk instead of to the screen...

I'm looking for some screen-saver type, Windows Media Player Visualization or Winamp visualization software (for Windows) that generates animated patterns, fractals, strobe lights, sine waves, etc., preferably synched to music. Here's the catch: it must output straight to video files on disk. MPEG, AVI, whatever. The ultimate goal being: I want to make DVDs of visual effects. Bonus points if you can tell me how to get the Winamp or WMP visual effects captured to an AVI (no screen capture software, thanks. It has to be full-motion, high quality video.) Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: If the things you're trying to record use DirectX or OpenGL then FRAPS can record a clip of it.
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I know a guy who does this in Jitter. You can also do it in After Effects.
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Oops, I just reread the question. I'm not sure you can use After Effects to write straight to disk without rendering to the screen first.
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Response by poster: Is there anything free and/or standalone out there?
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Take a look at whorld, it comes with some demos, and (if I remember correctly) a number of aditional patches are available to download right off the site. I can't remember if it's audio reactive though.

You could also check out demo versions of vj software, many of them have direct to disk recording.
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electric sheep is a gorgeous screensaver that works by downloading high-quality mpeg video files and stitching them together. it's not synced to music, but it looks good when playing behind music because it is so smooth and intricate. i think they sell a dvd, but you can download the video clips yourself from their server. here are some sample videos too.
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