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I've been asked to redesign a website for a public school district. I want it to be easy to maintain and keep up to date. So I guess I'm in the market for a good Content Management System. Any recommendations?

I've used both Post-Nuke and PHP-Nuke in the past, but I'd like to avoid them if at all possible. I do like PHP, though, and would rather use some sort of Open Source project, with easily changeable templates or themes.
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You probably can't go wrong with Movable Type, right? I'd wager that an educational institution wouldn't have to pay the commercial fee, but even if it did, it's still relatively inexpensive ($150).
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What was your experience with PHP-Nuke like? I've never personally used it, but I've heard good things about it and I was considering using it for an upcoming project.
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Response by poster: I used PHP-Nuke, then migrated to postnuke. It's easy to set up, easy to maintain and very easy to modify. For example, I just turned off user accounts so that only authorized people could post.

The only complaints are that PHP-Nuke and Postnuke seem to be lacking the the security section. There are constant updates, fixes and exploits.

I guess that's part of my problem -- I just want to set up a site and never go back ;-)
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There's always scoop and Poseidon; Your Pal, Carl uses a variation of the slash source.

There's even talk of some brave soul running a blog in (shudder) FlashMX and ColdFusion, though that's probabally a bit daunting...
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It's a bitch to learn the first time, but it can run on Windows as long as you can run Apache, PHP, and MySQL or PostgresSQL.

Otherwise, pretty cool and astoundingly full-featured.
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See also.
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There's a long converstation on just this topic over at Mezzoblue.
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